Kiteboard Lessons

Learning to kitesurf is easy - at the very minimum, many people can get up and riding within 3 days. Spend a little more time and you'll be riding

upwind like a full-fledged kiteboarder. We are certified by WKO (World Kite Organization) and our head instructor is WKO Examiner also Level II Senior IKO instructor.

Learning to kiteboard is safe and easy - we keep you out of harm's way and teach you to practice the sport without endangering yourself or anyone else. more ►

Kite 1-Day Session

Already had some lessons or just want to try it out for a day? Our 1-Day Session is always alot of fun and customized to your level and desires. For beginners, we always begin with learning to pilot the kite ... more ►

Kite 3-Day Intensive

Learn to water-start and how to edge the board while riding. You will also learn all safety aspects (like self-rescue and safe rigging) so you can feel confident about continuing the sport on your own ... more ►

Kite 5-Day Camp

The full WKO Rider curriculum - all the way to learning jumping theory, and, with a bit of practice, on your way to becoming an advanced rider and meeting the prerequisites to become a certified instructor ... more ►

Kite Instructor Training Course

Earn your Kite Instructor Level I and Level II certifications with us. Train on the job and earn money while you intern in real live kite lessons ... more ►


We are proudly a WKO certified school. What this means for you is guaranteed standards and safety procedures, a proven curriculum that helps you learn quickly, and recognition of your accomplishment worldwide.

The best kitespot on the lake

We have the best launch spot on the lake - a huge grassy area to launch and access to a section of the lake that enjoys the best wind. With a restaurant on site and always cool music playing people just like to hang out here, kiting or not.

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