Lago Calima

Often referred to as the "Swiss Alps of South America", Calima's climate is like eternal spring. Lush green mountains surround the lake and town,

Lago Calima enjoys wind year-round due to the venturi effect created by wind funneled through mountains. At certain choke points, the wind reaches up to 30+ knots, perfect for exciting kite sessions. The weather remains mostly static with few variations throughout the year.

This fairly large and long lake remains warm throughout the year (no need for a wetsuit, at most a spring shorty is the most you will need) and is kite-able in most areas - the downwinders are a beautiful way to admire the lake and downwind races are very popular.

Horseback Mountain Trek

Connect with Nature and be astounded with breathtaking views everywhere you turn your head. This one-day trek takes you up the mountains ... more ►

Calima - the town

Safe, pretty, friendly - the people of Calima el Darien love foreigners and many will want to chat and invite you for coffee. On the weekend, the town blows up with bars, restaurants and discoteques ...

Getting to Calima (from Cali)

Bus: from Cali's Terminal Terrestre, find "TransCalima" on the 3rd level and expect to pay approximately 12,000 COP.
Taxi: 170,000 COP flat rate from the airport, a little bit more from the city.
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Getting to Calima (from Buga)

The shortcut (cuts off several hours) for traveler's from the North (Medellin, Bogotá, etc).
Bus: from Buga's bus station, find "TransCalima" office: approximately 7,000 COP.
Taxi: 75,000 COP approximately.
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