Kitesurfing Lago Calima

We are pleased to showcase Lago Calima, a beautiful resort town with a lake nestled in the Darien mountains of Colombia, near Cali.

Lago Calima enjoys wind year-round due to the venturi effect created by wind funneled through mountains. At certain choke points, the wind reaches up to 30+ knots, perfect for exciting kite sessions. The weather remains mostly static with few variations throughout the year.

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This fairly large and long lake remains warm throughout the year (no need for a wetsuit, at most a spring shorty is the most you will need) and is kite-able in most areas - the downwinders are a beautiful way to admire the lake and downwind races are very popular.

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Lago Calima

Often referred to as the "Swiss Alps of South America", Calima's climate is like eternal spring. Lush green mountains surround the lake and town, dotted by swiss-style homes ... more ►

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Kitesurf 1 Hr Session $55.00
Kitesurf 3-Day Intensive $360.00
Spanish Lesson $10.00 / hr 1
Horseback Mountain Trek $30.00
Accommodation $15.00 2

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1 Purchased in blocks of 20 hours
2 Price for shared, per person, per night. Private room available. more ►

Spanish Lessons

Want to brush up on your Spanish in between kiting? We offer Spanish lessons following the Internacional Español curriculm - offered by accredited Spanish schools throughout much of Latin America ... more ►

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